Elevate your equipment sales strategy by offering a monthly payment option.  Today’s customers expect monthly payment options when acquiring equipment, and they will work with the dealer that offers it to them. Lease Consultants offers simple plans that empower your customers and bring added value to your equipment.  Still not sure about offering financing?  Here are some important benefits you don’t want to miss:

  • Increase Your Sales: Having a financing option not only helps you close more sales by capturing more buyers, but you’ll also be able to generate higher-value transactions.  Giving your customer the ability to acquire your quality equipment and spread the cost over time will keep bringing them back to you.
  • Overcome Price Objections: Having an alternative payment option when presenting the cash price of equipment helps to reduce “sticker shock”.  Put the customer’s mind at ease knowing they can pick the option that best fits their budget.
  • Upselling: Giving your customer an affordable monthly payment option enhances their purchasing power.  This opens the door to additional sales potential for accessories, detergents, a service agreement, and more.  When given a payment that fits their budget, a customer is more likely to purchase a higher priced model or to add additional items to their sale.  Financing allows you to bundle it all into one easy monthly payment.
  • Lock Out Your Competition: Your customer is unlikely to be shopping your competitors while they are making payments on their current machine.  Bundle in a service agreement or PM over the term of the lease, and ensure that your company is at top of the customer’s mind when it does come time to trade up or replace that equipment.