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Customers love options, plain and simple. Monthly payment options not only benefit your customers, they also increase your potential sales. Call LCC today and find out how we can help.

Benefits of EquipMoney

Apply for financing in minutes from any device. Our solutions are always at your fingertips.

All Credit Tiers Welcome

Equipment financing solutions for any business.

Customers Pick Payment Terms

Choose the payment and lease term that best fits the budget.

Quick Processing

Complete our simple application in less than 10 minutes.

Instant Approvals

Instant Approvals up to $25,000

No Hard Credit Pull

Risk-free application means zero impact on the personal credit score.

Tax Benefits

Your customer may qualify for additional tax savings under Section 179.

Why Do Equipment Sellers Offer Financing?

Offering a finance plan shifts the focus from a large, one-time equipment purchase to a simple and manageable monthly payment, which makes more sense for your customers. By eliminating the concern over finding the cash for the equipment purchase, you have made the buying process more comfortable. In the end, you’ll be solving the customer’s need for equipment, and you’ll be able to secure a larger equipment sale.

More than 80% of American businesses finance some portion of their equipment. Don’t lose out on potential sales to the competition because they offer something you don’t…a financing option.


Industries Served

We deliver financing solutions designed to meet each industry’s unique challenges. Our expertise in your market allows us to quickly assist in growing your business.

Cleaning & Pressure Washing Equipment

Need new pressure washing equipment or updated accessories to keep your business up to speed, our easy equipment leasing options are perfect for small business funding.

Office Equipment

Expanding your office and need some additional furniture, fixtures or maybe just updating the break room with a new fridge, we offer quick funding solutions.

Machinery & Industrial Equipment

Considering a new automated metal lath, some new equipment for the farm or maybe a forklift to handle expanding operations, we can help with short or long term funding.

Janitorial & Floorcare

From a new floor scrubber to the latest carpet cleaner, we can help your facility fund the equipment you need quickly.

Pharmacy & Lab Equipment

Your busy medical practice is growing and  in need of new equipment or maybe some update to your software operating system, we have solutions.

Automotive Repair

Looking to purchase some additional equipment for the repair shop, we are your partner for leasing and funding solutions.

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