Why Offer Financing

Dealers and manufacturers that offer financing simply sell more. Regardless the equipment produced or carried offering financing is the best way to get results. Not sure if financing is right for you? Click below to learn about the many benefits you’ll experience.


Just because your customer doesn’t ask for financing, doesn’t mean they don’t want it. If you don’t offer financing, your potential customers will end up buying equipment from your competitor who offered it to them right away. These days virtually any purchase a customer makes can be made through financing, allowing customers to continue this purchasing process helps your bottom line. In other words, you’re doing business on their terms.

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Offering a finance plan shifts the focus from a possible overwhelming capital investment to a simple and manageable payment option. The customer thinks in terms of payments or budgets and not a large lump sum cash outlay. This makes the buying process more comfortable for your customer because you’re eliminating concerns over finding cash for the equipment purchase. In the end, you’ll be solving the customer’s need for equipment, and secure a larger equipment sale.

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Don’t lose potential equipment sales to the competition; they’re offering financing and so should you. Customers won’t ask for financing; they’ll simply buy equipment from someone who offers it.

The landscape of each market is getting more competitive as Dealers vie for their piece of the pie. Make it easy on yourself and give customers what they want – when they want it. The fastest way to grow your business is to make it simple for them to buy from you.

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Financing allows customers to make a complete purchase, bundling all the bells and whistles into the equipment sale. Include everything you offer at your Dealership into the payment. DO NOT stop at the equipment sale, make sure to include accessories, software, services (including preventative maintenance and extended warranties), delivery, installation, and more; providing the customer more value from their purchase, and giving you a larger, more profitable sale.

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When Dealers offer financing, their customers get all the benefits of the equipment immediately, and it’s easy for them to add, upgrade, or remove obsolete equipment in the future. It’s as simple as making a phone call to your Account Manager. No need to complete another credit application – we just make a slight adjustment to the payment to cover the change, and we’re done. Equipment sold!

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